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We grow haskap berries. We harvest Alaskan wild blueberries and raspberries. 

Haskap are native to Japan. They are sometimes incorrectly called honeyberries. Although they are related because they have the same Genus and Species, they have qualities that make them different from each other.


These hearty berries do well in our long frigid winters. They are early producers with berries becoming ripe in June. The fruit tends to be oblong. The taste can range from sweet to tart. Many compare it to our wild blueberries, but haskaps have more antioxidants.


In order for the plant to pollinate, it has to be planted side by side with another bush that has different genes. For example, we might plant an Aurora Haskap next to a Tundra Haskap. They are also pollinated by insect and our bees love the early flowers they produce. 

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